Sunday, June 7, 2009

food or drink

The theme this week was food or drink. Here is my take on this weeks topic. This shrimp dish is making me hungry. I was asked to shoot a restaurant food and drink establishment this week called Toscanos. A fantastic place to enjoy and relax. If you are ever down in the south end you need to treat yourself.
And another baseball game but much better seats today, Thank you Dave.
Kevin Slowey is pitching and A Beltre is on at second base. The ball is flight in rather interesting in this shot. And then Griffey blasting the ball into centerfield.
Food shot f2.8~~1/15~~ISO200~~75mm 3 strobe setup. One directly behind subject and one on either side of dish at a 45 degree angle.
Baaseball shots
Slowey f6.3~~1/500~~ISO400~~250mm
Griffey f6.3~~1/80~~ISO100~~85mm

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