Thursday, June 18, 2009

For Dave, Carl and Spice

21 years ago I played my first pickup game in this gym. There were 6 of us original guys. Now there are only 3. Dave, Carl, and Mr. Spice, this shot is for you. The memories here are vast. The start time was 5:30am and as we got older it got closer to 6am. We sat and told stories of the times our principal would lock the classroom doors, a long story. Or how we would let the student body in to get out of the cold and us 6-8 guys would play ball and keep an eye on all 600 kids. We did a lot for the students here at McIlvaigh. It is now only a memory. This gym will be demolished in the next few days and it will become a track and field for the new school A lot of tough games played here in this gym. There have been many teachers play on this court in what we called The early morning mens club or for short E+2squared/C Pictured in the final game. Monte Gibbs, Jon Sousley, Brian Wickens and Lance Cadena. Bri--you couldn't miss a shot today!!

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  1. Wow what a sad story. Sounds like lots of good memories here. I guess the old has to make way for the new at some point huh? Glad you got to have a final game and got a photo of it too!


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