Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In 200 words

Sun, finally Summer has hit the Northwest. Arguably, after the worst 6-8 months the Seattle area has seen in forever we get a heat wave. I am out of touch with news of any kind to make an official statement, but my guess is the Seattle area hit triple digits and is expected to do so again tomorrow and Thursday. I was on the beach and it hit 97 where I was reading, splashing, wading, and relaxing with my wife and daughter. We all ran for cover however, when the real heat hit. These umbrella’s were put to good use today. Not an inch of shade was wasted with these bumbershoots as people poured out of the water when it got real hot. Our beach loses water, completely, for 12 hours on most days. Today the gods were with us and it was a stick tide. It only went out about 200 yards or so. We could splash pretty much all day. A much needed tide on a day like this. Us NW’ers like to complain about the rain and we seem to complain even more when it’s hot, we just can’t be pleased in these parts of the world.


f8~~1/160~~ISO100~~135mm Tamron 28-135

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