Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lose the Gringos

I decided to go on my first real adventure out of the USA. I flew into south Padre Island, TX Upon arriving I went to the first Texas Saloon I could find. I know what I was looking for and I knew this was the place to find it. I was gonna get me a pony. I asked the saloon keeper where I might find a seller and he said "your in luck, Bubba Blade is having his daily whiskey in the corner of the establishment as we speak" I approached Mr. Blade carefully as in these parts the customers are still allowed to where holsters. Bubba had one strapped on each side and I did not want to startle him so I made a loud jester to the bartender as I walked to Blade's corner of the Saloon. He saw me coming and as I approached I introduced myself and got right down to business. I said I was looking for a Horse to take across the border. Blade had many Mustangs for sale but all were out of my price range. He did however have a small Texas Pony that he would let go for what he called "a song", and the price was right. We did our business and he handed me a pony named fudge. I went straight to the crabbing docks to see if I could get a lift to Mexico. The only trick was I needed room for Fudge on the vessel as well. Riding up and down the dock on my new pony I was able to communicate with a Mexican named lefty that was heading back to his homeland. I could tell he was impressed with my Spanish and he seemed to lowered his guard a bit. He mentioned that no gringos were allowed on his boat but after I introduced myself he realized I was Mexican as well. I was able to latch a ride on his crab boat that was hauling, of all things, a barge full of mango's. His destination Isla Mujeres Mx. That was perfect, as there was plenty of room for me and my new friend. This is the last bit of land before heading south. Off on an adventure.

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