Monday, August 17, 2009

I wear my sunglasses at night

I loved that 1985-ish song!!!! Well the heat is back, my office is just under a million degrees and the sun is going to bring out the fans and AC. Along with those it will force us to protect our eyes from the UV rays. Thus my 2 shots tonight. One that shows our family trio of eye wear. Only if it stays until the weekend will I be happy. My 2 shots were taken with a 3 light system tonight. One main (key) light camera right, one fill light camera left and my high key light to blow out the background. Here is my setup shot. A white diffuser is used for the high key backlight. Once again mom comes down to once was a tightly kitchen and sees it has been taken over by the alien light source. I was constantly changing the power on my strobes so I am not sure what power I ended up with on each shot, next time I will write it down.
the triple glasses f7.1~~1/180~~ISO200~~75mm
single glasses f5.6~~1/180~~ISO200~~75mm
setup shot f2.8~~1/15~~ISO200~~28mm

all taken with my tamron 2.8 28-75....I love this glass!!!!

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