Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bagels and cream cheese

I took my daughter to the doctor today and of course we get in there and as soon as we step into the doctors office she gets chipper, headache is gone, no sore throat, no fever ears are fine etc... and doc gives her a checkup and can find nothing wrong. So on the way home I offer to stop at Dairy Queen and buy her an ice cream and she turns it down and asks if we can stop at Fred Meyer for bagels and strawberry cream cheese. She's THREE!!!! Turning down ice cream at three? Well you guessed it, as soon as we get home the headache is back, fever spikes back to 104. Real weird!!!! We did put her down tonight with no signs of a fever though. Sigh....
^edit^ f4.5~~1/3~~ISO200~~73mm


  1. That looks like a good midnight snack - I just might head down to the store for bagels myself.

  2. Oh that's funny! Wow, 3 years old and wanting bagels and cream cheese! Amazing. Still hope she feels better soon!


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