Thursday, April 2, 2009

got the shower fixed

I was heading to McLendons Hardware this morning to get parts to fix our shower. On the way I talked to my mom on the phone, then my sweetie called me and we have once again changed our mind and we will make it to our cabin this week after all. So, I got out of the car and walked into the hardware palace with my daughter I started thinking of a shot for today. And if you are a guy or gal that like hardware stores, this is the hardware stores of all hardware stores, thus the PALACE. Getting back to my shot for the day, I have a few ideas in the bag, but since I was going to be home when it was daylight out I decided to go with this one. After fixing the shower I came down stairs to set this shot up.

Taking pictures of water has always interested me. I will try this a few more times before the year is over. I wanted to try this with some daylight so I took this shot about noon today. Here is my setup for the shot and took a few of ordinary household items to help me out. I put a lid to a pot in the sink to help reflect any light that made its way down into the sink. I used a everyday place mat (blue) as my background. I attached my pocket wizard and 1/8 power on the speedlight and a medicine syringe that we use for tylenol for my daughter. Foam core camera right and sat my camera on a tripod. I started with a remote and Autofocus, but soon changed to manual focus and pressed the shutter. I like the lighting but have other ideas for the next water shot. I had my SS set at 1/160 but my reaction time to capture the drops was off today, Too much coffee perhaps? So I slowed it down to 1/125 and was able to get more drops as well as more of the drop. I took 50 or so exposures, can you imagine doing that in the film days? I was so tight with my shots back then, now it's that "throw away world". Well not literally throw away when it comes to digital, but ya'll know what I mean. But to burn through a roll of 100 ASA 24 exposure then getting them developed or as my dad use to do, develop them yourself. I like doing DIY stuff and grubbing the place mat and lid was nice.

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