Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy day today

Who says men can't multi task?
While getting dinner ready tonight I grabbed plates out of the cupboard, making sure I had the everyday ware and tried not to chip the salad bowls as I set them neatly on the dinning room table. Three plates, three salad bowls, 2 coffee mugs and a sippy cup for the little one. I wanted to make sure the coffee was brewed just right for my honey and she likes it with a splash of half and half or as I call it, seasoned to taste. With an added 2 lumps of sugar and a swizzle stick set to cool on the table exactly 2 min before serving. That first sip out of the cup is the best. Only thing better is that morning cup of joe and the Seattle Times in bed on Sunday morning.

I had to answer the house phone once, it was work calling, as a disgruntled class participant wanting a different excel class to meet the needs of High School teachers. The call lasted longer than I had hoped as I was worried about the crab cakes burning in the oven.

I got the the crab cakes before they turned to a leathery texture and was able to flip them once. Then the cell phone rang. It was a buddy of mine I played college football with that I had not talked to in years. He was also my best man in my wedding and the reason I bring that up is he tells me the story of how we all jumped into the lake just outside the church right after the wedding reception. As you can see, if you look close you can see my bored expression on my face as he is reliving something that happened 22 years ago....did I just say that, 22 years, where did the time go. Anyhow getting back to the conversation as he was calling to tell me his son was accepted to Harvard law school. I was excited for him but knew if I didn't get that milk poured for my daughter that things would fall apart fast... She was screaming at me camera right ;) Milk dadda milk.

I said my good-byes and told him I would call this weekend and off I went to the fridge. I had to move the leftover pizza, tomatoes that my co-worker gave me last week and the day old bread that needed to be eaten 2 days ago. But there was the much needed milk that my daughter craves just about any time of the day. Phew, dinner is served and I now know what my wife goes through every night...and who says men can't multi task.
I have not had my Tue 200 for awhile so I went well into the 500-700ish word range...sorry for the wordy post and hope I held your attention to get you this far in todays blog. Taken with my k10 at various shutter speeds but the f-stop, ISO and Zoom stayed constant. f11~~all around 1/4 sec~~ISO100~~18mm with my 18-55 Pentax lens
Off camera flash was used in 2 of these shots...which 2 shots did I have the off camera flash triggered?


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