Monday, September 21, 2009

Control the light

Photography is all about light. 90 percent of the battle is your light source. Too light and you have a high key shot that you were not expecting or hot spots that blow out one side of the image. On the other hand if it is too dark you lose the detail or the image altogether. Things to think about is how you use available, ambient light or the flash that is much harder to control. It is a fine balance between these shadows and highlights. Or you can play with light as I did here in this iamge. I used 2 pentax 540 flashes both off camera to take this shot. I had a red gel on the left flash and a blue gel on the right flash and rapped each with a 4 inch homemade paper snoot. I was inspired by Tim's shot this past week so I figured I would try my hand the same technique. This sigma 24-135 f2.8-5.6 is my 2nd favorite lens right behind my tamron 28-75 f2.8.

k10 tamron 28-75~~f5.6~~1/180~~ISO100~~43mm

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