Friday, September 18, 2009

Record breaker

Dragging myself out of bed today, groggy and tired I knew I would be better off with my daily run, well not as daily as I like sometimes as I take a day off now and again. So with that said, I went for my run this morning. About half way through I was feeling pretty good and started picking up the pace. 10 years ago this would have been a slow pace but this is here nor there at this point in my life. But today as I approach my 50th birthday and for the past year-ish I was able to brake my record for my route around Twin Lakes. I thought I would photo document the record time. I will try and beat the time tomorrow., or sleep in....I hope to do drag my sorry a$$ out of bed and run!!!
f5.6~~1/13~~ISO100~~63mm tamron 28-75

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