Thursday, January 21, 2010


Life is simple

We have turned the corner. My daughter does chores, if she remembers. We started easy. She helps to set the table for dinner, makes her bed and picks up her toys. In exchange, we give her the bill on Saturday morning. We forgot to give it to her last week so my wife handed it to her tonight. My little one left it on the counter as she has not realized the value of a dollar, or lack there of...not sure which is the case yet. They are so innocent at this age. I had a great night with her, she sat on my lap and we played on the computer. WOW Technology with a 5 year old. Amazing!!!
PENTAX K10 f5~~1/4~~ISO100~~15MM 10-17 FISHEYE

1 comment:

  1. Before long 1's become 10's and 10's become 20's....
    It's a wonderful time in both your lives. Thanks for sharing it. My kids are grown, we're still very close but the experiences are different.


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