Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Demands attention

WOW. Naomi the swim instuctor who must be all of 21 has these 5 year olds rapped around her finger. Do any of these gals even darn take their eyes off the instructor in fear of being tossed from the pool. I think not!!! She did a great job with these kids and from what I hear has come a long way with intruction....good for you girl!!!!! We as parents think so highly of the Federal Way swim porgram and how they progress through the different stages of lessons. We need more time in the week to continue. Soccer is next.
70-200 and the 2nd shot is with my fisheye lens. This lens was used in the pool shot above. I love the zoom to f-stop ratio.
f2.8~~1/10~~ISO400~~200mm tamrom 70=200 2.8 pool sho
f4.4~~1/6~~ISO400~~13mm lens shot

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  1. I wish my kids would pay that much attention. Excellent pool shot. I'm in envy of your zoom lens, I have the 70-300mm Tamron but it does not stop down as much. I have three Tamron's I think they are excellent lens, 90mm Marco and a 10-24 wide angle zoom.

    Looking forward to seem more from your 200mm lens.



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