Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smoke and mirrors

Well really only mirrors. A true Strobist one light setup!!!! A lot of patience and a steady hand while holding the flash light. I used the gum tape and a 1.99 pack of assorted sized mirrors I bought at Michaels. The setup was easier than first thought. Finding the right spot for the 3 coins and pushing the mirrors around on the gum tape as it is very flexable made it easy. The steady hand of holding the flashlight was the tough part. I have another way I will do this next time I try it. I lit the mirrors with the flashlight thus the reflection bounced back and lit the coins. A fun activity.
Also pictured is the setup of the mirrors. If you are having trouble finding the 3 mirrors they are taped to the back of the chair.
And my 3rd day of my 10-17 fisheye shots. Sitting down after shooting my mirror shot. Those of you following my blog, it was fun trying this and rather easy with the gum tape. The puddy feel of the tape made it easy to adjust the mirrors.
coins k 10~~f13~~5 sec~~ISO400~~50mm
fisheye k 10~~f11~~15sec~~ISO100~~11mm


  1. Slick... It looks hard but you made it sound easy.

  2. Nice shot! Thanx for sharing the setup :)


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