Monday, October 5, 2009

11:31 Happiest time of our lives

Our daughter has made our lives so different, in the most spectacular way. Five years ago today we became one of the oldest parents of all time, well maybe not of all time but darn close ;) She has made us stay so much younger and today we celebrated her 5th birthday. We bought her a scooter and of anything she has received from us over the short 5 years this is by far the best present she has received, in her mind. The token blowing of the candles, uneventful to most but precious to the parents
k10 f5.5~~1/50~~ISO400~~28mm

And Evie, her best friend captured in a perfect light situation. Evie turns 5 in 3 weeks and they have been joined at the hip from the first week of their lives. AND I ONLY SHARE this photo with my daughters big day because I think it is one of my best shots of the year. Evie loves the camera, unlike my daughter. I hope to get feedback on this one. She also made my blog March 10th.
k10 f2.8~~1/200~~ISO800~~75mm

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