Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clean lunch room

No such thing in a Middle School Lunch room but this cafeteria is spotless, at least before lunch. I am amazed at our digital natives. These kids no nothing else but technology. Those of us over 35 are digital immigrants and have had to pick up bits and pieces over the years. How would you ahve liked a big screen TV 14 feet x 14 feet?

sidebar--I was teaching a class to adults tonight and someone asked me after the class how I got to be so knowlegable with technology. Well, it all starts with a passion. Anything electronic is a passion of mine, 'cept cell phones and copy machines. Photography is a passion on mine and to get better at your passion you practice and play. The DSLR has made that so much more affortable with instant results and print only what you want, and according to my main squeeze I need to print more. :)

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  1. I have a great new interactive white board. It was mounted on the wrong wall; I could accept that, but the computer is now too far away. Want to come to B'ham and fix it? I can't wait to start using it.... and all these cords are driving me crazy.


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