Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghosts and goblins

The night before the scariest night of the year and I take my camera out on the sidewalk to capture the lights of the season. I was not out there but 2 min and I had 4 neighbors walk by all interested in what I was doing. I think they were making sure I was not a peeping tom or some thing. But I took advantage of this and with each one I explained what I was doing. I put my camera on timed exposure, clicked the shutter and zoomed in. I explained how I lit the inside of my house. Once they saw the flash go off inside the house as I snapped the shutter they knew I was legit. But I could tell at least at the beginning they were sceptical. I guess I look a little scary at 8pm at night in the dark wearing black with a ski mask over my head. Well everything was true but the ski mask. BUt a great teaching moment for those that know little or nothing about photography. I am sure I was the talk of the household when they got back from their walk.
k10 f9~~13 sec~~ISO400~~motions zoom 20-75 Tamron


  1. Very cool zoom effect! And I loved the part about the ski mask! LOL


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