Wednesday, November 4, 2009

365 day time stamp

For most of the 300-some-odd days to this point it has been a photo shoot. (308 days into the year?)What could I come up with that would be creative. Some days good, some days not so good. Others have been a time stamp. What happened that day. Days that come to mind, June 26th is the one that comes to mind first. Other time stamp days, Got lemonade, The Airport, and I'm real sick....just to name a few. Today is another day. I am playing my buddy Dave in our fantasy Baseball league tonight. We will kick off the final 4 in about 10 min. He shoudl dominate me as I was the worst team in the playoffs. I will let you know How the first 2 games panned out tomorrow. Here is my lineup.
k10 f4~~1/13~~ISO100~~75mm Tamron 28-75

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