Monday, November 30, 2009

Teathered shooting

Here is a shot of the software in action. How fun is this. I got it working about a year ago and then it stopped working for me. Tonight I thought I would try and get it to work again. Bingo, first try and we were in business. For those of you new to the idea it works like this.

You take a pc/USB cable that runs from your camera to your PC. You can now use your computer as your camera. Everything is open to your disposal on your computer. You can change ISO, Shutter speed, Modes, F-stop, Brightness contrast, you name it you can do it. Everything you could do holding your camera you can do with the computer. So some of you are asking why would I want to do this? Well for one your screen chimpping just got a whole lot bigger. For those of you that don't know the term "chimpping" is looking at your images in the LCD screen on the back of your camera. Now you have a bigger screen to see the results.

Another reason is now you are not hidden behind this big black box of the viewfinder. If you shoot kids then you can become more personal and not this big black mysterious box. Pentax comes with the software, I believe cannon has it for a free dl as well. Nikon has it but I think at a cost--Although my buddy Adam dl a script to get it to work with his Mac with his Nikon d700.

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