Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blurred vision

I got into dress rehearsal tonight to see the lighting being used for the recital next week. I played with flash/no flash and came away with a pair of lucky shots. These two shots were taken about 5 min apart. My tripod was my best friend tonight. Only thing I wish I could change was the blur would have been the lag and not the lead. Same 4 girls in both shots. One shot taken with a flash, one taken without.
Blurred shot f2.8~~1/5~~ISO400~~28mm
flash shot f2.8~~1/50~~ISO400~~28mm


  1. I think what you want is Rear Curtain Sync on your flash. That way it fires right at the end of the exposure instead of the beginning. Look in your manual and see if you can do that with your camera.


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