Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are our children going deaf?

I love music, I loved my Sony mp3 player 10-12 years ago. For some reason I was never an iPod guy. Maybe because of the price and the bulkiness of the design. My daughter wanted a walkman and I had to put my foot down and say NO, I will not go back 8-10 years in the techo-age and get a walkman. So here we have it, the bulky iPod. We will do our best to keep a lid on the volume. Can you say NO more Hanna in the car now :) I know they come in slimmed down versions of this high tech music and as they say, they have come a long way baby...
f5.6~~1/60~~ISO100~~50mm Prime shot in M mode to control the subject detail and still get the high key effect in the background. Speedlight 1/2 power w/diffuser behind subject. Speedlight camera right 1/8 power. Text added in Photoshop CS4

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