Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Island

United Nations!!!! I love it!!!!! Please view the video, these kids deserve the attention. In fact I did not even do the video, by Bro-in-law did it, Mr Hamilton ;) Who by the way gets all the credit for the 3 videos done in this short year long Ballet thingy.
They couldn't have picked a better song for this recital. She She and I are the biggest Jimmy Buffett fans in the USA. In fact I remember when the song was announced at a practice. I got a phone call and she said, listen to this....I LOL. These girls did a great job and Miss Sue was strict but fair with these kids. My wife and I, as educators, appreciate this as we feel this is an important area kids need to respond to. I can get on my horse here and say there are too many "soft structures" out there, (and you know who you are) but I won't...did I just say that ;)

Fun was had by all and these girls seemed to bond. Cora and Katherine seem to have a lot of fun together and the parents get along as well. This may very well be a life long friendship. a final thought or close anyway... The parents in this group were very friendly and loving to their kids, Miss Sue did a great job of keeping the kids on task. Maybe we will see the same families in future recital. Rock on Bubba!!!


I got there an hour and 15 min early, can you say I was determined to get a front row seat. I was the first one there by 20 min. My wife says I am the guy to take with you to a festival seating concert. The Gorge in George, Wa was a prime example. I was the first one in the arena for the JB concert in the early 90's. Getting back to the evening, the nice thing was I could go see some of the early show that started at 6:15. Pretty filthy stuff (A jarvis-ism as in Chase Jarvis)

Tonight's shot:

This shot was taken with my 50mm lens. A pano of 3 shots. I knew, from the other night's practice, a 50mm was going to be tight, meaning I would fill the frame with every click. I however also knew lighting was going to be an issue so there was a give and take here. I have learned in doing this for a fair bit that a photog thinks ahead and trys his/her best to problem solve before the first click. I look up to my Buddy Eric as he has telepathically taught me this ;) I always think to myself, what would Eric Bull, I really do. I love his rational (and others as well) GET AS MUCH RIGHT IN THE CAMERA TO START WITH.

My 50mm was a super fast f1.4 lens which would result in stop action. Obviously the drawback is I filled the frame with every click, and sitting in the front row made it more "in your face". A compromise was taken. THe nice thing was, I thought ahead, brought 2 camera bodies with me and strapped on my 28.75 2.8 on the other body. I must have been the interesting site in the room, switching back and forth, but a very proud Dadda.

Enjoy the shot, Nov. 18th has come and gone, what is to come in the next 43 days?
A lengthy post, much longer than the Tue 200 but Grandma would appreciate the time spend tonight.

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