Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flower week

I Created a tutorial for my teachers on this shot. A sharp mask in CS4 but can be done in all the photoshop versions. PS elements, not so much :( Again it rained like crazy today and got out and took a few shots on the back deck. Here was the shot I chose. Tim it is a quicktime so you should be able to view it on your mac. Do you have bootcamp on your machines?
f6.3~~1/40~~ISO200~~300mm tamron 28-300


  1. Great color - love the raindrop in focus.

  2. Nice photo Lance as was yesterday's! Also I loved your tutorial. I learned something new. I never knew about the adjustment layer button before so I'll have to play around with it. Do you do much with the pen tool and paths? I use that all the time to make intricate selections. It's kind of time consuming sometimes, but extremely accurate. I just make a path and then create selection from the path. No, I don't have boot camp - my mac is 6 years old. A G4. Way before the intel macs came out.


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