Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mt. Saint Helens

Extreme color--This weeks category was Eric's call. A good topic I might add. Eric I hope to see you in a few hours and we can talk shop?
We are at the cabin this weekend and I did a quick sweep of the layout, and one thing led to another and a story came of of it all.
I call it the Volcano Party but my sister-in-law who organizes it and has been to 28 of the now 29th party calls it Mt Saint Helen's after the big volcano eruption that took place May 18th 1980. It's a real important date inside the family now. We have the party at our family cabin which is where Mary, my wife Sheila and a few college friends were at the time of the eruption. Later, sometime in the mid 80's Frank (my father-in-law) moved into the cabin. He lived here for about 10 years. He has since passed. His passing was on, you guessed it May 18th, and 2005. We had just celebrated the 25th anniversary and on the way home from the cabin we got a phone call. It was Sunday May 15th and we were told Frank was not doing well and had entered the hospital. He passed the following Wed, the day my daughter got her first tooth. This is not meant to be a downer post, but just a reflection of sorts. Frank was the most sincere man I have ever met. A real man of honor and integrity. A great Father, husband, grandfather, father-in-law and friend. We now tip our glass to him every May 18th.

So with that said, lets line up the glasses and make a toast, Here is to you father FRANK.

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  1. Great reasons for showing some color today. Good to hear the story about Frank - I remember him as a most kindly man, someone to emulate. When I see the "More Wag, Less Bark" bumper-sticker I think of him.


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