Thursday, May 7, 2009

Potato bug

These Slinky's always reminded me of potato bugs. This is my daughters 2nd round at the marvelous invention. That was the trouble with these when I was a kid as well. Once they get tangled, they are not good for anything, not even a door stop.
f11~~1/180~~iso200~~28mm onboard flash with umbrella camera right.


  1. Interesting background here - what is this sitting on?

  2. It is sitting on white seamless paper. But if you are asking if the slinky is on a stand it is not. It is a perfect balance as it wants to slink but does not have the inertia to continue, too tired? and yesterdays question, I get real frustrated with the pen tool but my goal in the 2nd half of 09 is to get better at it. I also dabble in the paths as well.

  3. I like the light - gives it shape.


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