Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The McIlhenney CO.

Tabasco has been around since 1868 My wife went to Costco today and they give you the big heavy duty boxes that take what seems like 15 min per box to break down and put in the recycle bin. So I took advantage of the box and used it as a lightbox for my favorite Costco product. Did I take a picture of this earlier in the year? I forget, but I use this like my daughter uses Ketchup. Here is the setup. I used my pentax 540 for backlighting. The holes in the bottom of the box were about the size of quarters and there were 4 holes, one in each corner. My bee like light is camera right about 4 feet from box. There were 2 rather large slits in the box that the bee could shoot through. comments welcome on the lighting.
f3.2~~1/25~~ISO200~~28mm Tamron 2.8


  1. Interesting how you can see the corregations in the box - is that from the light behind?

  2. A very surprising result. I thought I would have had more of a spotlight from the holes and the bottle would be darker than it is? After analazing the setup, the light from the back flash hit the front flaps of the box. The flaps of the box acted like a diffuser to light up the subject. Nice surprise :)


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