Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jelly fish?/body parts

Experimenting with water, oil, and off camera flash using jells. It looks like a lot of the jelly fish we saw this weekend at the cabin. Flash was set at 1/16 power 3 feet from pyrex cake pan with about an inch or so of water, with teaspoon ful or so of oil. I took 20 shots and stirred the water around with a fork every few shots to create the bubbles.
f22~~1/125~~ISO400~~75mm This weeks post was Eric's choice, body parts. What part of the body is this?


  1. Very creative experiment with the oil and water! Cool!
    And I think that's a knee and calf - am I right?

  2. Tim,
    thank you, I have been wanting to try that for a while, I will revisit this again before the year is out. and yes knee and calf...I should have cropped more.

  3. "Body Parts"?! I think I said "Human Form" - but maybe they're one and the same?

    Me, I see a knee. (Plus, I like the rhyme)

    Fun oil & water too.


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