Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The economy

I read today that if you bought your house in 2007 and sold it the end of 2008 you would have lost an avg of 100,000 on your purchase. Big bummer, and we have a long way to dig ourselves out of this hole. Here is an abandoned business on the East side of town. I wonder what they sold in the building? The recession has hit hard.


f/ 5.6~~1.60~~ISO 1600 (what???) not sure why I cranked this up but the shadows held together nicely for the ISO!!!!


  1. Scary times my friend.

    This photo looks like a scan of my dad's Kodachrome from years ago. I like the look.

  2. This would make a great lead photo for a news article about the economy. I want my own bailout and my own stimulus package!


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