Monday, February 2, 2009

Late night at the office

Working and getting things done on the couch tonight. I needed to get a shot in before going to bed. An early work day in the morning. So I tied up loose ends and then played with the camera some toinght. Took out my 540 and pocketwizards. Final result was not the best but I was getting real tired and settled for this.


f/ 1.6~~1/80~~ISO 100 50mm


  1. Taking your work very seriously, I see.

    Hey, you could flag the strobe so it only lights you, then drop the shutter speed to tone the background to your liking.

    Did you try using curves to bring out the blacks?

  2. Taking your WoW very seriously is what I'm seeing... LOL. Good shot! I like the muted color. What's making the blueish cast on the lower left?


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