Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Read a novel

Had another late night teaching photosphop tonight and when I got home I had the sheetrocker guy on the phone and my daughter clinging to my leg for my attention, well not really but it sounded dramatic so I thought I would add that daughter part. I did, however, realized I had not taken a picture yet so I walked around the living room and decided on this setup. I cropped tight after taking the shot and used my off camera flash to light the subject.

Tommorrow I get an outdoor shot, the weather has been great and need to show the PNW sunshine in February.


f/5/6~~1/100~~ISO400 shooting Manual with 28-300 at 158mm


  1. I like the tight crop and the lighting is great. What's causing the interesting shadow at top right?

  2. Sand in a vase with coral sitting on top.
    You see the coral shadow in a glass vase that is sitting just to the right of the books, about an inch from the last book on the right.


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