Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snowing again

Looking for a place to duck and hide and gain some warmth from the cold I found this secluded shelter in a narrow hallway in an abandoned building. The trash can smelled of old cigars and a fruitful smell of what I might call old fish. Old rappers and a cardboard box that look like it might have been shelter for the homeless man that walks the street near the building. The broken window must have been patched by the workers across the street building the section 8 housing that is being built in this neighborhood. A sign just outside these doors lists a construction company that appears to be building more housing where this building stands. It is set for demolation in early March.

It came down hard here today. Snowed for most of the morning and afternoon and turned to slush by late afternoon. It is currently 38 degrees outside at 9pm PST and I hope we don't wake up to an ice rink in the morning. This was taken during my 5 min lunch break today. Busy busy busy.
F/4~~ 1/5~~ISO100~~34mm.


  1. Wow is this your old school where you used to teach? Kinda sad that it will be torn down huh? I like the way the wall reflects on the lockers on the right side.

  2. I agree with Tim, the reflection of the wall on the lockers is cool, on both sides.

    I like the long exposure capturing the movement of the snow.

  3. My old school is being torn down at the end of the school year, and much needed as it's seen better days. This school, however, is 2 years away from being remodeled if the bond passes.
    I have some fun shots of the snow falling as well, I stepped outside these doors and took a few shots. Long exposure with them as well to show some motion.


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