Friday, February 6, 2009

smart boards

you got to love this technology!!!


  1. Uh, what technology exactly? Projector?

  2. smartboard. It is an interactive white board. The projector eluminates the board, you touch the board to activate whatever is on the screen. (webpage, computer application, etc.)
    You can draw on the board, erase, run your computer apps from the board) Here you see a student disecting a frog. She is touching the screen, grabbing the knife and cutting the frog open....This new school has one of these in every classroom. It's the newest technology in classrooms today. Your wife may have seen these in action somewhere in her building or district, or your daughters might know what they are? I hope they do as I wouldn't think Bellingham as that far behind in technology. Although my wife had never seen one until this night and she is in Federal Way.


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