Friday, December 18, 2009

5 day special

With about 2 weeks til the end of the year....

I had this idea early on in the year. I wanted to pick my favorite shots of others work over the course of the 365 days. As the year progressed I starting getting 4 fairly faithful photogs follow me. Thus I chose these four. I figured I would return the love in my five day special. Day number 5 (today) will feature what I think is the photographers 5th best shot of the year according to me. (not that I know what I am doing but it was fun going through their shots of the year) It would be interesting to get feedback as to what they think of the chosen 5. I will tell you now it was hard to widdle it down to 5 shots and in some cases I had to create a tie as 5 would not work.

Here are the 4 guys in review
Alan I believe is English and has some great shots. Alan has a great since of composition. He is big on filling the frame. If you take a look at his year in 2009 he has a strong sense in getting close. I Love his color and also lack of color (b & w) He does a great job with water and motion. He as been very fun to follow and appreciate his feedback and critique in my shots over the year. Congrats in getting a shot a day for the 2009 year. I would love to see more of a story a day from him and know what he is thinking about his shots.
My number 5 best shot from him is his trumpet shot. I think he has mastered filling the frame and has a real eye for this.

DaddyNo bucks
He does a great job of taking picture of the NY skyline and building in NY city. He also is an avid fan of the Yankees and has some nice shots his his home team. However I did not pick any of those shots even tho there as some great ones. He does a great job of telling a story a day and I like to refer to this as "once upon an image."

I picked as his 5th best shot his 50th birthday shot was chosen because it holds dear to my heart as I will be there in a few days.The lighting is nice and shows motion as well as emotion. Nice capture, I wonder what it would look like in b&w, maybe more dramtic?

I can tell Tim is a Mac guy and also is a true graphic artist and his shots show that . He is very creative and has some of my favorite shot of 2009. Music,night and harbor shots are his strong points. In the 5th spot in my countdown: The bokeh cloths pins. Nice lighting in this shot and an early winner from Tim in January.

Eric, I have known Eric for darn near 20 years. He is about as creative a guy as I know. Real right brained. I emailed him about a year ago and told him I was going to attempt to take a picture a day and wanted to know if he was interested in trying as well. Boy here we are days away from getting to the end of the year. I think Eric took a snap a day,...did you miss one though while sick in Ethopia? Eric has a knack for understanding light. The power of light and the little use for need of light. He does a lot of research and often sends me DIY websites or information web sites to gain more knowledge in getting a better shot. It was once again hard to pick just 5 shots out of 350ish shots. His number 5 shot for me was: A tie
Great work with light in both shots. Both very thought out and set up took some time and careful placement of light not to mention cooperation of family memebers ;)

These might not be in the top 10 or even 50 of the photogs picks but there is my number 5 pick of the year. Stay tuned for number 4 tomorrow.
I would love to hear from you!!!!


  1. Lance, this is awesome. It is an honor to have made it to your top 5 post. Thanks!

  2. Wow, I’m speechless and honored. I’m not sure I deserve to be included in such prestigious company. I study their posts hoping to learn from their experiences.

  3. What a fun idea Lance. It's a great way to revisit an idea and see how it holds up - thanks for this!


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