Saturday, December 19, 2009

4th best shot of the year

Alans 4th spot in the countdown:
A shot he took in Sept. Again, he fills the frame, uses great color and cool idea!!!! Contast is appealing to me. Very creative. Kept me thinking as do a lot of his shots.

Daddynobucks 4 best shot IMHO:

I love this shot, it shows movement, prespective, leads your eye into the distance wanting to know what is farther down the image. And again what a great vacation spot as my wife and I loved Dominican.

Tim comes in with a strong 4th shot of the year in fact a tie.

This shot was taken in Jan and and the light, color, crop in camera, contrast all make this a great composition and could tell a great story.

The other shot was a great division of color and inspired me to try this effect. His use of the Flag or Gobo was great in keeping the colors apart. shows freeze action and makes you take a good look to try and figure out what it is you are looking at. This was one of his Sept shots.

Eric spot in the top 4 was a shot he took in Oct. Lighting was great, effect was awesome and hands had to be sore after using these tools on this particular day and still find the energy to set up for this shot. The arrangement in different heights in the equipment was appealing in the image as well. The foreground is lit and it goes to black nicely.

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