Thursday, December 24, 2009

Alan's #1

Which was your favorite from Alan?

I could have picked his smoke shot on April 24th, I didn't...I should have chose his bee shot on May 28th, I didn't...His waterdrop on Aug 7th...again I didn't.

I did choose...drum roll please

This takes a lovely assistant to pull this shot off. If Alan's daughter is anything like mine I am sure it is hard to get her to cooperate on a moments notice. Composition is fantastic in this shot. Alan has a real eye for this, in what I consider his stong point. The shot is a bit different as it takes my eye from right to left, backwards to how we normally see life. This makes it even more powerful. The lighting was fantastic. (my guess is offcamera flash camera left) It shows good motion and action. This truely shows a moment in time.

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