Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Yesterdays picture Chirstmas list: Easy bake oven, splatster (link), trampoline, watch, baby, and Merry Christmas, Jan you were nearly perfect.

My mom made these for Sheila in 1985. Twenty-four years ago. Every year we display them with pride. Most years we push the hair and jewels around to make them presentable. The past few years they've watch over our dinning room table.
Lighing top picture off camera flash camera left 30 degrees. bottom picture is off camera flash 45 degrees camera right. My new Bokah lighting toy used as well with the lights into hearts.
k 10 f1.4~~1/20~~ISO400~~50mm prime


  1. Great - love the first one, the bokeh works really well.

  2. Did she get the Splatster? It looks very interesting! Great bokeh effect today.

  3. So, love came between another couple, huh?

  4. Jan,
    No she did not get splatster, only thing she did not get, after all we can't spoil her completely ;)
    Alan, DNB thank you for the comments, I like the first one as well.


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