Monday, December 21, 2009

And the runner up....

This post is rather long but these four guys deserve it. I lot of effort was put into the past year.

I would like to start this post with a plea for those that visit this week to reflect on the past 365-ish days. Please take a look at these 4 photogs blogs as they have put much blood, sweat, and tears into the past year or so. In sickness, family obligations, family support, equipment problems, weather issues and a number of other problems they all seemed to stay focused. For anyone that has attempted to take a picture a day it is at times very fun and rewarding and at times its "ok turn the camera on and snap the shot" I see you smiling on that as you know exactly what I am writing about.

These 4 individuals have taken some awe inspiring shots over the last 365-ish days. and if you were to mulitply that by 4 there is a great book in the works, well over 1400 images to pick from. So please in the next week or so, relax with your favorite morning beverage, or late night snack and brewse these gentlemans images. And remember "Every image tells a story" and they would love to share there thoughts on their day.
And as an educator I will list in alpha order, sorry DNB I don' know your real name.
Alan, Daddynobucks, Eric, and Tim

Enjoy what I feel are their 2nd best shots of the year. I will be taking a day off from posting tomorrow to be with my sweetie but will share my favorite of the year on Dec 23rd.

I have attempted to link the thumbnail (click on thumbnail) with the day they shot it and you can see the comments posted on each shot. (I did not read comments on each persons shot when choosing their image but I will go back after all is said and done and read what others thought of the snap)
I am going to mix it up on this post and start with Eric and end with Alan.
Eric has 2 images at the number 2 spot of his 365 images of the year. This first one was taken of me. It is not the reason I picked the image, but the lighting technique used and the fun we had setting up and playing with light. It is always a learning experience when hangin with Eric. We had fun taking other shots as well hanging speedlights out of patio umbrella's, rolling out 50 foot extention cords right up the the waterline crazy I tell ya as we kept a close eye on the tide, and holding our own lighting gear. Much fun.

And this shot taken March 19th. Great light, Great background color, great subject, shadows, motion, depth, everything!!! Outstanding shot!!!

Tim's shot at the 2nd spot was his photo walk shot on July 18th. This was one of the coolest shots I have ever seen done and want to meet with and him have him walk me through the photo process from beginning to end, everything he did in the camera to the post work. Awesome shot.

Daddynobucks has a tie at the number 2 spot. Another strawberry shot tonight. A true awesome food shot is one that makes you want to eat it. All I can say is this shot makes me so hungry for summer. This shot ws taken April 21st a bit early for strawberry season but by the looks of this it came early this season.
This shot taken may 10th. Way cool color and lighting. DNB is rather modist and might say it was a lucky shot, but this as a great play with both color and light and a photog needs an eye for this or it would never be captured. I LOVE it.
Alan comes in at number 2 with a double shot. Once again he has a great snap of water drops. The reflection, color, fill frame all make this a coffee table cover shot!!! He took this shot feb 25th and was my first fav from this guy. He rocks the his Nikon machine!!!
The Cookie. This could be a bookcover for an Alfred Hitchcock novel. If this booth could talk, oh the stories it could tell. I could easily have picked this as the Image of the Year for Alan, but I think he will love my first choice. You will have to stay tuned for his number one shot.

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