Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Guns

The authorities are tired of playing around. They are sending out the big guns. Call him what you want, hired hit man, vigilante vermin, bossman bob, cool collector. He has been hired to find Jackson once and for all. I would not want to run into this mobster of mayhem in a dark alley. Breakout final chapter?
Adam invited me to shoot Diago today. Thank you so much for the invite. Diago, thank you so much for being a sport. THe shoot was fun and you are a trooper. Ravi and Tom, thank you for the assistance, you guys were terrific and we would not have gotten the shots without you.


  1. Excellent captures, so very impressed. Jackson you are history,sorry mate!


  2. Great shots - really effective lighting.

  3. Absolutely fantastic series of shots. Great lighting and timing.


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