Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cast member

Just when we thought it was ending (or more like, we wish it was ending). A Jackson friend? Acquaintance? Enemy? Authorities want to question this man as to his relationship with Jackson. He is not wanted at this time but is a person of interest. If you have seen this man please call your local police station. Do you see initials in the image? Is this a clue?

I love working with negative space. I took pictures of the department today. Doug's shot was a bit gritty/grunge look. I took the shot on a black background and played in the channels panel in CS4 to mask him from the background and replace it with a white sort of wannabe high key but not.
original image. Key light camera left, brolly fill camera right, hairlight back left


  1. Dam I was hoping Jackson's sidekick was a chick, o'well never mind lol. DH, uummm will have to think about that.



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