Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stadium Music

Police re-visit the Stadium Hotel for clues. In the basement they find an interesting rare sheet of music that appears to have been purchase at Jackson's last place of employment. Sheet music is "Don't shoot me, I am only a piano player" Which rockin 70's dude sang this song? Ironic? Worked in a piano store, loved music, name of song? hmmmmm
It was fun putting this shot together. The sheet music is actually pure white that I had to dummy down to my old school yellow in photoshop. I added a grunge look background/overlay and came up with my final result.

Off camera flash at 1/64 power f14~~1/160~~ISO100~~63mm


  1. The capture is excellent as is the post processing, works very well.

    So are you know telling us Jackson has musical taste now, wow this man has depth aside from being a shallow villian ;-}


  2. Very impressive post processing work!!!


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