Monday, March 1, 2010

High Rise Apartment

Jackson has been spotted in many of the uptown restaurants, nightclubs, and smoke shops. Authorities seem to be one step behind him. He is spotted here in a plush Queen Ann high rise. He appears in this photo as a bit nervous peering out the window as if looking for something.
f3.5~~1/180~~ISO200~~55mm off camera flash behind and slightly right of subject. This shot was a bit tricky. My remote did not want to shoot through the glass so I had to set the camera to my 12 second timer. I then had to run from my camera to the door which is on the other end of the house and get to my spot before the flash went off. The nice thing about it was if the flash went off and I was in my spot I knew I was golden...which of course I did not make twice. I took a total of 6 shots, 4 useable ones. I picked this one for my shot of the day.


  1. Nice idea and a bit of a workout too!

  2. Given half the state is looking out for him I'm not surprised but is his alone, surely thats the question?


  3. Very nice - I was not aware that a 365 project included an exercise regiment.


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