Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I heart you

A message to Jackson, just turn yourself in and no one will get hurt. The family wants him to give up and come home safe.
I am teaching Middle school kids the art of Photography, or trying anyhow. They did a great job in the Manual mode today and are catching on the what setting need to be adjusted to get the right shot. And its amazing to learn from these kids as well. The shadow is perfect and not sure I have ever seen this before. And I can see all my readers now, all 3 of you holding your hands up trying to configure your fingers to this position LOL.


  1. rlol excellent capture and will try it when I get home.

    As if Jackson is going to listen to this family, did not realise he was under so much pressure yet, he looked so as ease booking the online plane / boat tickets ;-} Please dont tell me he is a mummy's boy lol?



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