Saturday, March 7, 2009

Glass tutorial

My wife and I joke about these glasses. They were real cheap. Only 1.00 a glass in Mexico and we purchased 12 of them for a total, as you can do the math as well (12.00)but if you count the airfare it was 2012 dollars for the glasses. We always get a good chuckle out of that.
It was a very calm, slow day around the Cadena household as my wife caught what my daughter and I had last week, although it seems to have hit her a bit harder than it did us. (hard to believe). So we laid low today. I searched a bit online for different lighting techniques and found a pretty interesting website. This guy had a tutorial on shooting glass and my buddy Eric had one that he did here that was rather interesting. I figured I would watch this guys tut and see what I could learn. Very interesting and he taught me a bit more about lighting, which is always of interest. Here is my attempt and I played in Photoshop with the post, which is one of my favorite things to do. I will never shoot glass again without thinking of these techniques. A side note: I made the corkboard and scotchtape from scratch and will be making a tutorial on "how to" on my website in the next few days. Look under documents for the video.


f22~~1/125~~ISO200~~53mm strobe right at 1/2 power and speedlight left at 1/64 power.
Here is my very crude setup and sometimes this gives the best results. I think I have a record number of links in this post.


  1. Pretty cool Lance! Thanks for the link to the video and your setup shot. I look forward to seeing how you did the cork board and scotch tape.

  2. I love the resulting phot on a board - and the photo itself is fine too.


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