Sunday, March 15, 2009

The other side of the tracks

This weeks catagory was motion, picked by me. Go see what Eric and Tim posted. Faster than a speeding bullet... I started off the work early and sat here from about 5:30am to darn near 6:45. Of course the next day while I am driving this stretch of road the train comes promptly at 5:45, go figure. I took this shot earlier in the week, March 12th, and knew this was going to be my motion shot. I took this in the fall and I like the results better than this one. I had more daylight back in the fall. Two things going on here, and I thought of cropping out the right side of the image but it brought a rather stillness to the shot. the light post/sign divide the shot nicely from motion to stillness. So I left as shot. If you have never been to the Tacoma glass museum it pretty cool, and is the cone shaped building on the left. My shot for today is below this post.
f3.5~~3 sec~~ISO200~28mm


  1. The little bit of tilt suggests you were moving too - I like it.

  2. Cool shot Lance! Love those moving trains!


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