Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has sprung

We have been waiting for this moment for the entire winter. I can't recall a more snowy, wet, cold winter than this past season. The cherry blooms are out, 20 days late, but they are here. Maybe they can hold on until Easter? A simple subject that tells the story. Bring it on, Golf, baseball, yard work... Green screen it's not, but the photo appears to be shot with one. I am liking the DOF of this shot as it appears the branch is floating. I debated as to leave or take out the branch running from Bottom right to middle...I left it in.



  1. Great photo. The green yet blank--almost barren--background provides a deep contrast to the "spring has sprung" blossoms. Very wonderful.

  2. Wow that green is cool! What is the background?

  3. Judo, Thank you for the comments.

    Tim, the background is the green grass as I was at such an angle that I captured just the 2 branches and a lot of green OOF.


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