Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seattle P-I closes doors

Seattle becomes a one newspaper town since the inception of the Seattle PI back in 1863. It originally released the early issues under the heading of the Seattle Gazette. In collage my roommate's and I subscribed to the P-I. I remember fondly that the sports section had the ugly light green headline feature article.
The cost of keeping a newspaper afloat in this day and age of online news was next too impossible. So on today's porch we received the Seattle Times. Again many jobs lost in this downward spiral economy. I guess you can look on the bright side, a tree was saved today.
f3.5~~1/5~~ISO200~~38mm/24-135 sigma

1 comment:

  1. Yeah - passing of an era for sure.

    Real news coverage doesn't come to you anymore, you have to go dig it up.

    Nice pick tho - hope Mercer Mayer keep publishing...


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