Monday, March 9, 2009


Snow in March? Spring sports in Washington started last week, the kids playing baseball, softball, golf, track, and soccer in the snow? Today I am glad I am not a coach. Snow hit us hard today at several times. It snowed hard in the morning and by noon it was gone. Then it snowed again about 4pm and by 6 it had melted again. Tonight is suppose to bring cold weather, in the teens to mid 20's and snow until about midnight. It might be an interesting commute into town tomorrow.

I really like the lines in this shot. Coming from all directions but to me it really brings your eye to where the 2 benches in the back meet. The tree, railing and bench on the bottom do a nice job of framing the shot.

f5~~1/6~~ISO200~~28mm converted to B & W


  1. I had to re-read the post to see that you converted it to B&W - I thought that was the range of gray available in the original photo.

    I argued with myself over the railing in the lower left: "cut it out, leave it in". I finally settled on "leave it in" as it shows the way into the scene.

  2. I think it's framed very nicely too. It would be cool if someone was sitting on the bench back by the cement wall. And I like that hedge on top of the wall.


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