Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Weird thing happened yesterday. I had a few ideas in mind for my posted shot and one was of the moon. Normally that would not be so odd but I thought better of it as the temp was in the mid 20's and much too cold to set the shot up and get something of value or interest. Thus my glass shot, which was inspired by Tim the day before. Anyway, getting back to this being weird...I then visited Alan's 365 day blog, Eric's 365 day blog, and Tim's 365 day blog. What did all 3 post yesterday. You guessed it, some form of moon shot. Alans was basic and simple, I am sure it what he invisioned in his set up. I did pretty much the same type of shot with mine tonight. Eric was more of a mysterious, erie, scary, scooby Doo shot, and my daughter loved it. Tim's reminded me of an old PC game called lighthouse, or even the TV show LOST. You almost feel that you want to be transported through the opening in the clouds to another world. So I decided to join the crowd and take my full moon shot tonight. Here is my attempt with a touch of photoshop to make it a bit erie and halloween like....I might revist this one again in October?
F stop unknown~~1 second~~ISO200~28-300 at 300mm with a 1.4 doubler attached.

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  1. Sweeet! I like the detail on the moon and the colors are cool!


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