Thursday, March 5, 2009

Strangers in the night

We thought we heard voices last night outside the window. My wife made me set up a camera to pick up any strange activity after dusk. It appears we caught something strange outside lurking near the front door. Very ghostly in appearance and it appears almost see through. Where was that police officer when I needed him.

f9~~10 sec~~ISO200~~10mm


  1. Lance, this is so totally cool! And I have to admit, it's right in line with what I've been thinking of for a future assignment (the flashlights on the lawn), but I've been waiting for the weather to get warmer out at night! But wow! Way cool!!!!

  2. Really... this is awesome. I'll bet if you put this on Flickr, you'd get lots of admins inviting you to their groups!

  3. not sure if I did it right? but I think I might have done it correctly?
    here is the link

    Tim, Is this what you meant?

  4. Yep it's up there. Now you just gotta add it to some groups to get ppl looking at it. I commented on one of the others there too, the one with the xmas lights zoomed during exposure. How'd you do that?

  5. chrismas lights....15 second exposure, slowly zoomed out while taking the shot....I loved the way it turned out and was a great learning experiment for me.


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