Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things appear larger than they are

A book of big things. She loves making faces so I gave her a chance to make a big face :) I had fun with this one today and had a different image in mind. However, my daughter was the only willing participant in a day that we all were pretty busy. So I took a handful of shots and shopped the 2nd image into the first image to create this effect. I will visit this again before the year is out and get the shot I was originally intended on shooting. The challenge is for my readers/viewers to try this and post on their blog or email me their take the effect.


f2.8~~1/4~~ISO200~~24mm/24-135 sigma


  1. I really like this - i did similar

  2. Alan, I like the added technology (laptop). and you are looking a little blue, ;)

  3. This is great Lance! Visit the idea again sometime this year.

  4. Love it! And we're thinking alike again today! LOL. (with the wanting to revisit and improve)


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