Sunday, February 28, 2010


A single flower was left on the steps of the abandoned house. Who could have left this arrangement? Lets do a head count. Jason Jackson, an obvious choice. The bootha's-- Deb and Jack? Photographer Langley? Officer Daddy no bucks? Sandra Martinez? ex-husband Si? Perhaps the little girl in the dance poster? Tracy and Tammie? Or could it be the owner of the black boots? Have we met the owner of these heels of horror? Hmmmmm
f7.1~~1/180~~ISO100~~75mm tamron 28-75

Pentax 540 flash 45 degree left1/16 power. pentax 540 behind subject1/16 power. cannon 420 behind photographer defused with 75 weight letter sized paper.


  1. rlol I'm playing the ex husband, excellent.


  2. Yes,
    you got a small bit part on Feb 16th. Chapter: Stars fell on Alabama.
    You were married to Sandra. Pay wasn't real good, you only had one line, as you plead with her "don't leave me", as she threw you to the curb. Or did she throw you in one of those big black boxes she is standing next to? I don't recall.


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